The ISSL curriculum emphasizes critical and creative thinking, teaching students how to find information, utilize it wisely, and learn from it, rather than content based, which teaches students to memorize.

Students at ISSL benefit from an academic program based on a unique combination of the highly respected Ontario and New Brunswick Canadian curriculums. According to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Canada ranks sixths overall in reading, math and science, behind only Shanghai, Korea, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Ontario curriculum (grades K – 10) is an integrated, interactive, sequentially developed system aimed at developing the academic and high order thinking skills that will equip them for success in the junior and senior programs.

The New Brunswick system combines face-to-face teaching with on-line course content and text resources for grades 11 and 12. This method of teaching has proven to be successful for students who need small classes, discussion and guidance, and various, unrestricted teaching styles. The 22 students in our 2013 graduating class were accepted to schools in the U.S., Canada, Cuba, and throughout the United Kingdom. Total graduate scholarships topped $200,000 U.S.

In an effort to promote social responsibility, senior students must also provide 40 hours of volunteer community service to graduate.