International School Saint Lucia (ISSL)

Student Handbook 2017/18

 Respect is the foundation to our rules:  Respect Self, Respect Others, Respect Property

Dear Parents and Students,

ISSL is first and foremost an academic community built on respect. The academic program works in cooperation with the St. Lucia Ministry of Education and is organized to meet standards provided by the Departments of Education of Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada. Academics, athletic and extra-curricular activities are provided within a safe nurturing, caring environment.

This handbook is just one of many opportunities for communication between the school, students and parents. We encourage parents to become involved with the ISSL community—parents are welcome to meetings, assemblies, activities and field trips or to become a member of our Parent Association.  Each year students of all ages are encouraged to contribute their time and efforts towards community in various forms of volunteer services, clubs and activities.  Volunteer Hours 2017-2018(posted in school).  Together, we can make a difference.  School assemblies are held at various times throughout the school year and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  They typically begin with the singing of the National Anthem(performed by Mrs. Finch’s gr. 7/8 Music Students) and include many interesting presentations, announcements and celebrations.  Look forward to seeing and hearing you at the events!

Best wishes to all for a most successful school year.

The School Day –  begins at 8:00am and ends at 2:30pm.

  Grade 7 – 12                                                                      Kindergarten – Grade 6

7:45am.          – Homeroom                                                7:45am.           – Homeroom

8:00am.         – Period One                                                 8:00am.           – Period One

9:05am.         – Break                                                         8:45am.           – Period Two

9:20am.         – Period Two                                                 9:30am.            – Recess

10:30am.        – Period Three                                             10:00am.           – Period Three

11:35am.        – Lunch (Gr. 7 – 12)                                      10:45am.           – Period Four

12:15pm.        – Period Four                                               11:30am.           – Lunch

1:25pm.         – Period Five                                                12:15pm.           – Period Five

2:30pm.         – Dismissal                                                     1:25pm.          – Period Six

.                                                                                          2:30pm.          – Dismissal

Students waiting for parents after 2:30pm. are asked to remain quietly on the balcony or in the Multi-purpose room. Parents are reminded to prepare a daily plan with their children and expectations for the time after dismissal. Students just ‘hanging-out’ around the school after 2:30pm. can be easily tempted by poor choices that are distracting to those in the study rooms.

Academic Individual Support- 2:30pm. Teachers are available daily after 2:30pm to consult with students and provide academic assistance. Parents and students are encouraged to schedule in advance this extra support with staff.  Parents will be notified by teachers if extra assistance is needed . Students will be dismissed by staff when the academic support time has finished.  Two Study rooms have also been arranged for students needing to complete work independently.  They will be required to sign-in to these rooms and remain dedicated to their work at hand.  Study tip from Canadian researchers show that if you want to improve your memory with things you read, read it out loud.  Open 2017 CBC Article for more information.  Read it outloud!

Lunch- 11:35am. Students are encouraged to bring a lunch from home.  A microwave and refrigerator for student use are available in the balcony kitchen. ISSL encourages students to avoid eating candy, not chew gum or drink soft drinks.  These items are not good for their health and are not allowed at school.   Unfortunately, the option to order lunch by phone from Lily’s Restaurant ended on Nov 30th. as they closed their location beside the school.

Grade 7 to 12 students may have the privilege to purchase their lunch at Massy during the lunch break.  Students must inform the office of their whereabouts and must sign out and back in with the office upon their return before 12:00 noon.  Grade 7 to 10 students require a signed parental permission note filed in the office.

Designated Areas for Students During Morning Break and Lunch.

Gr.11/12’s Outer Balcony

Gr. 9/10’s – Multi-Purpose Room, Hallways

Gr. 7/8’s – Gym

Gr. 1 to 6 – Rm 207 or as directed by Mrs. Michel


Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are available depending on the talents, skills and interests of the students and staff.  Parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer to assist in these activities.

  • Student Activity Council (SAC)– meetings are held on Thursday with Mrs. Finch and Mrs. Michel in room 212.  All elected members and room representatives are welcome to attend
  • Art Club  are on Mondays, Mrs. Williams welcomes students to have fun with Art in room 205
  • Table Tennis- after 2:30pm. Students gr. 2-8 (no cost), Tuesday/Thursday, Coach Teddy Matthews and teacher
  • Swimming – RHAC from 2:30pm.- 3:30pm., Mondays, $10/visit, instructor and teacher at pool
  • Grade 9 to 12 Gym Activities – Monday, Wednesday, staff supervised, students must pre-register.
  • Grade 2 to 8 Gym Activities – Friday, staff supervised, students must pre-register

Parents are requested to contact the school if they want to register their child(ren) any of these activities.


Student and Parent Contact Information

Updated contact information is important. Please notify the office immediately if family contact information changes.


Visitors are welcome to the school and must begin their visit at the office. Visitors to the school are encouraged to call the school to arrange a visitation prior to their arrival.

Admission Policy:

The International School of St. Lucia accepts students who have the ability to successfully participate and complete the programs provided. The program is designed to challenge students seeking access to universities and also accommodate the needs of students who are willing to learn in developing life-long literacy, numeracy and thinking skills to be a productive and responsible member of society.

Attendance, Punctuality and Daily Record of Attendance

Parents must notify the school if a student is late or absent. Parents will be contacted if their son/daughter is away from class and the school has not been notified.  Parents are encouraged to review the School Year Calendar before planning extended family vacations and avoid planning activities on school days.

Students who are ill should remain home. Students will consult with teachers on their return from any absence to arrange for missed work. In the case of a lengthy illness, parents must advise the school so that required work could be provided.  A doctor’s note may be requested.


Parents will be informed if their child is required to serve a detention after 2:30pm.  If detentions do not serve to correct the misbehavior than a parent meeting will be requested and a Learning Plan will be developed.

Suspension from School

Students may be suspended from school for one or more days when the principal or the school counselor after meeting with parents, determines that the student has done any of the acts listed:

– persistently late or absent from school or continuously oppose authority

– willfully destruct school property or use of profane or rude language

– choose to harm the physical or mental well-being of others or harm the moral tone of the school

– commit theft or receive stolen property at school.

If the suspension provides no change in the student’s behaviours in question an expulsion would be warranted.

Code of Conduct

In the interest of maintaining a school dedicated to student learning and to make the most of the educational opportunities, a code of conduct has been developed which outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the members of the ISSL community. The demonstration of respect for oneself and others, property, and authority is expected.  Students will respect their teacher’s instructions, classroom rules and expectations.  Classroom rules and routines will be based on the following guidelines:

                                     Respect Self – Respect Others – Respect Property.

ISSL recognizes that the majority of students are self-disciplined; that corrective action will need to apply only to a minority of students; and that motivation and self-control are essential for positive growth to occur.  Staff members are role models and will convey to students that they are being helped to learn to be cooperative, fulfilled citizens, while maintaining their own individuality. To serve the interests of students, a variety of strategies are employed. Students who do not exhibit self-discipline are counseled by school personnel to ensure that the standard of behaviour expected is clearly understood. Disciplinary actions include: interview with the principal, withdrawal of specific privileges, involvement of parents, suspension/expulsion from the school.

Harassment or Discrimination

The diversity of the school body at ISSL offers a special opportunity to learn and practice understanding, tolerance and compassion. Impinging on the well being or violating rights of others is totally unacceptable.  Any incidents involving sexual or emotional harassment, racial, religious, or ethnic intolerance or physical abuse or threats will be dealt with as serious disciplinary matters. All members of the school community, no matter what race, color, religion, or ethnic origin will have equal rights, privileges, programs and activities. All students have the right to study, learn and participate without experiencing intimidation, verbal abuse, or any kind of discrimination

Uniforms and Community Appearance

The official uniform must be worn properly at all times. The light blue shirt with school logo must be worn outside of the pants and skirts (navy in color); skirts must be at or below the knee. Plain, black, low back, shoes (with black soles) with black socks.   Kindergarten to grade six students can wear knee length navy shorts. Jewellery and make-up must be worn minimally so that they do not draw unnecessary attention to the individual—only small stud earrings, nail polish must be clear. Hair colouring, skin marking or tattoos are not allowed.  If a sweater is needed it must be navy blue or black. Physical Education uniforms are dark shorts and light t-shirts.

Report Cards, Final Grades, Transcripts and Diplomas

Student report cards are provided to parents four times during the year; at the middle and at the end of each semester.  Student conferences with parents and teachers can be scheduled at anytime during the year and participants are guided with the ISSL 3-Way Conference Form. Report cards, final grades, transcripts and diplomas are provided to students and parents when all administrative matters and accounting fees are reconciled.

Academic Honesty

It is the responsibility of students to be academically honest in all aspects of their school work.  A student who cheats on tests, or presents the work done by others as if it were his or her own (plagiarizes), is being academically dishonest. It is the responsibility of the school staff to educate the students about this policy and provide support and consequences. In line with New Brunswick Education policy, Plagiarism in Grade 11 or 12 courses may result in the loss of the credit.  The University of Bradford provides a link to Frequently Asked Questions about Plagiarism.  The University of Houston also offers a Quiz on Plagiarism.  Students wanting to use other’s work in their assignments are encouraged to research the correct writing etiquette.  Useful online resources Purdue Online Writing Lab,  How to Use Quotes When Citing Others In Your Written Work  and a Youtube Video on Using Quotes.  A paper copy of a MLA approved Guide is available for purchase from the ISSL office.

Dishonesty  – With our foundation built on respect, an atmosphere of trust and honesty must prevail. Lying or stealing will not be tolerated. The definition of stealing includes taking possessions from a student, teacher or the school without permission. Cheating is not excusable under any circumstances.

Computer Use and Communication Devices

  • All students must sign the Use of Electronic Device and Internet Privilege Agreement.
  • We are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school. Currently, only grade 9 to 12 students may have cell phones at school. No cell phone use inside of school except in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher. Students are expected to conduct themselves as Digitally Responsible Citizens. We encourage students to leave their phones at home.
  • Efficient Word Processing Skills can greatly benefit student learning.  A Free Online Support is available from GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation).  All learners are encouraged to review the material to find ways to improve their skills.


Student Council

Elections are held at the beginning of each year to choose a council of students who will lead student activities and build team spirit in the school.  A president, secretary, and treasurer will be elected, and representatives from each class will be chosen to assist.

School House Program

Each student will be assigned to a ‘house’, to encourage participation in sports and other student events. This allows students to work with other students of various ages and build team spirit. Student leadership, organization and management skills are also developed in participating in the house system.


All accidents of any nature must be reported to the office. A report will be completed with their statement and the student will be asked to sign the accident report.

Field Trips

Class field – trips are important to the well-rounded education of our students. All expectations about behaviour and responsibility are the same in or out of the classroom. Parents will be notified of trips in advance and are welcomed to assist. A “Field Trip Consent Form” signed and returned promptly assists to facilitate a successful event.

Student Sign -out Sheet

Students leaving school during the day must be signed out at the office.  If possible, parents are encouraged to notify the office a day before needing to leave school before 2:30pm.

Fire Drills 

When the Fire alarm sounds, students must follow the teacher quietly to the exit as indicated in each room. Students must remain with their classes and teachers and remain in the designated area away from the school buildings until advised to return to the buildings.

Hurricane or Tropical Storms, Earthquakes, Power outages

Children will move into the classrooms away from windows if a dangerous storm arises quickly.  School will close if storm warnings warrant that safety measure.  Email communication and phone calls will notify parents of changes in the school day. If tremors are felt, students will remain in their rooms until the movement stops.  When it is safe to leave the building, students will do so calmly and wait in a safe place..  A lengthy power outage would prevent the school to operate safely and comfortably.  Parents would be contacted to assist with student dismissal if needed.


Any willful act of damage to the school property is viewed as Vandalism.  These actions are considered serious and warrant significant consequences.

Lost and Found

Society depends on the honesty of its members; any articles found in the school are to be taken to the office. Unclaimed items are placed in the lost and found storage area. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We urge all students to label their belongings.


Smoking is not permitted on school property and students must not smoke at any time while in uniform. No alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed), cigarettes, lighters or matches are allowed on campus.

Weapons and Replicas of Weapons

No weapons or replicas of weapons of any nature are allowed at school.


The International School Saint Lucia Student Use of Electronic Device and Internet Privilege Agreement

All those who use computers and personal devices at the International School Saint Lucia must agree that while the use of the computers and the internet is an integral part of the education community at the school, it is also a privilege. To continue to exercise this privilege, students must agree to uphold the guidelines listed below. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a school suspension and loss of privileges.

Parents and students are asked to read the guidelines carefully.

No one will purposely enter sites that are unrelated to the curriculum or are known as inappropriate sites. A common sense approach should guide choices that are appropriate for use.

No one will create a web site or put any information on the internet which would be harmful to any other member of the learning community.

No one will access social network sites during the school day.

No one will tamper with the wiring, setup or configuration of the computer network.

No one will install proxy software to bypass the network’s firewalls. All computer activity is monitored by the school.

Only grade 9 to 12 students are allowed to have cell phones at school.  Students are not to use cell phones inside the school except in a classroom at the discretion of the teacher. Cell phones taken from students who violate this rule and can retrieve them from the office at the end of the day.  Parents will be required to gather cell phone for son/daughter from office if cell phone rule continues to be broken. Students are expected to conduct themselves as Digitally Responsible Citizens. Students are encouraged to leave their phones at home.  All families are invited to watch this CBC Marketplace documentary(Nov.,2017) on Why Many People are Addicted to their Phones(Devices)?  (click title to open)

Students using the New Brunswick online courses will receive an internet user name and password to be used with their computers only.  They will also be required to complete an additional User Policy/Agreement


Parents are asked to review all of these rules with their child(ren) and are requested to complete and return the signed confirmation agreement letter as posted on this website and Facebook page. Copies are also available from the school office.