This begins at grade nine, or age 14. Students are more focused and specific in their learning and may have some choice in courses. Some courses continue all year, while others may be semestered.

Grade 9 and 10 are foundation years for the secondary school programme:
The students receive instruction in English, mathematics, science, history, the arts, a second language, physical education and health, and career studies. These courses are based on the Ontario and New Brunswick secondary school curricula.

Grades 11 and 12:
These online courses are chosen with colleges and universities admission in mind, and are student-selected. Students enroll in 10 courses a year for two years, leading to a New Brunswick diploma.

Our 2017-18 Course list: Semester 1Semester 2.  Click to view

This letter was shared with all parents/guardians with children taking the online courses,

Dear Parents,
The information below explains how to access your child’s work in his/her online courses. Everything your child is doing is available for you to peruse.
The online courses can be accessed from It is important to ensure that your son or daughter give you the assigned username and password. From the main page, you can see all of the courses your child is currently enrolled in on the right hand side of the page. Click on the title of the course you are interested in. Clicking on “My Home” in the upper left hand corner at any time will bring you back to this main page.
The homepage for each individual course contains up-to-date “News” for that course. Here teachers post due dates for assignments, test date reminders, additional links and course information, etcetera; From the navigation bar near the top of the page you will see “Content”. Clicking this tab provides links to all of your child’s assignments. These pages also contain the course information divided into units or modules. Like pages in a textbook, reviewing these pages will allow you to view what your child is learning, as well as assist with homework and test preparation.
From the same navigation bar you can also click on “Dropbox”. Here you can view the assignments your son/daughter submitted, the grade received, and view feedback from the teacher. The ‘Grades” ta in the navigation bar also has an overview of all your child’s grades in that particular course.
All tests, quizzes and exams are written under the “Quizzes” section. By clicking on the name of a particular quiz you can see your child’s test scores. Click on “submissions” to see the test that was submitted. Again, clicking on “Grades” will also show test scores.
If parents require additional information they are invited to contact their child’s teacher

Foreign study option:
Any semester may be taken in New Brunswick, Canada

A New Brunswick High School Diploma is earned by passing the compulsory literacy test(English Language Proficiency Assessment), and successfully completing 7 compulsory courses and 10 non-compulsory courses with a 60% pass mark per course.

The graduation diploma from ISSL requires an additional 40 hours of volunteer work in the community. Volunteer hours will be posted within the school (bulletin section with student information). Students Activity Council (SAC) and Prefect Leadership are two ways that students can achieve volunteer hours.

Students who have successfully completed all New Brunswick High School and International School St. Lucia requirements will be invited to attend the end of June graduation ceremony.