This begins at grade nine, or age 14. Students are more focused and specific in their learning and may have some choice in courses. Some courses continue all year, while others may be semestered.

Grade 9 and 10 are foundation years for the secondary school programme:
The students receive instruction in English, mathematics, science, history, the arts, a second language, physical education and health, and career studies. These courses are based on the Ontario and New Brunswick secondary school curricula.

Grades 11 and 12:
These courses are chosen with colleges and universities admission in mind, and are student-selected. Students enroll in 10 courses a year for two years, leading to a New Brunswick diploma. Click here for the course list.

Foreign study option:
Any semester may be taken in New Brunswick, Canada

A New Brunswick High School Diploma is earned by passing the compulsory literacy test, and successfully completing 7 compulsory courses and 10 others with a 60% pass mark per course.

The graduation diploma from ISSL requires an additional 40 hours of volunteer work in the community.