This program uses curriculum from Ontario and New Brunswick Canada. The curriculum is developmentally sensitive, incorporates cooperative learning and social skills and a strong structure for building literacy and mathematics. Active and meaningful learning experiences engage students in their work. Many of the activities integrate several learning skills at once, reflecting the most current brain research on “how children learn.” Excellent communication skills are developed through speaking, reading and writing across all curriculum areas. The subjects taught include language reading, writing, speaking, drama, English and French, mathematics-numeracy, geometry, algebra, data management, problem solving, science, social studies, history and geography, art, music, physical education (half hour every day for every child) and health. Many useful skills in technology, public speaking, etiquette, organization, time management, healthy eating and so on, are built into the program and practiced in most subject areas.

Current, colourful and interesting materials are used to motivate and to drive progressive programs. The materials are chosen carefully to match the level of the child’s understanding. Speaking, reading and writing combine to strengthen each other. Math manipulatives are used to help students understand math concepts. Materials are used to develop all types of learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and tactile learning.